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Yesterday was a busy day my Steelers had this weekend off so I got busy finishing my wood I stuck it out and got every piece of wood split and stacked and got the driveway cleaned. After i got all that done i thought my reward would be to take the Harley out for a ride since it was warm out but of course it was not meant to be the battery was dead, before I left for vacation i set the security system and locked it all up good not that we have problems like that here but you never know I had dropped full coverage after I paid it off so thought better safe than sorry, Anyhow it drained the battery so no ride yesterday the battery is now charged so maybe today maybe not am having a hard time deciding on what direction to go today I looked at the garage and it really needs cleaned. When I was on my first week of vacation last June I tore down my old bike to begin the rebuild and it sits there all tore apart Sigh and my old truck needs work the inspection expired and I have to get that done also what to do………..

Aunt Linda left to go home to Arizona Sunday morning she arrived just fine i guess they had some bad storms there and had a lot of hail damage so they have a lot of work to do. We had a picnic Saturday for her since it was her last day here I had to work so by the time I got there everybody was gone except for Kel and Cris, but it was still fun although but i ate way too much Mom made tons of food and lots of leftovers…

I did not see or hear from Mom yesterday so after i took out the trash i stopped to check on her she was fine just tired as they were running all week I think she misses her but was just tired and needed some rest. I need some stuff from Lowes and Walmart so maybe i might see if she wants to go Mom always needs things from Walmart and i have a couple gift cards i need to spend there…

Just finished reading "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut strange book but i enjoyed it, Next book "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer maybe I might start that later on today but right now the sun is out so i am going to do something outside today..

Enjoy Life


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  1. Kurt Vonnegut, he’s awesome. i’m #20 out of 41 waiting for Ms. Pfeffer’s Dead and Gone book. i’m jealous you have a Harley. i’ve always wanted to learn how to ride, but here in nyc? it’d be a death sentence to me…. the driving is that crazy here. plus, it’d bring me to tears to see a wrecked Harley.


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