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Yesterday i took Mom, Aunt Linda and my cousin Becky to Shakespears Restaurant for lunch/dinner we all had Prime Rib it is the best there and i bought plenty of leftovers for my lunch for tomorrow we all had a really good time I could not be home for the game so I listened as much as I could on the radio and we lost ;-( Oh well there always has to be a loser i guess still we are 3 and 1 not too bad for not having a QB.After I got home I just lit a fire and did a few chores around the house I am behind on.

Today I just can't seem to get motivated it is a dreary and crappy day drizzling rain all day finally I decided to go get dish soap I needed of course I went to Giant Eagle so my dish soap ended up costing me $41.00 LOL Better than usual now just trying to figure out my lunches for the week, I am thinking since Camomille is so happy with her crock pot I decided to break mine out and maybe i will make some ribs I have the BBQ sauce so i will go thaw them out and put them on in the morning so dinner will be done when I get home from work they should do me for a couple day lunches.

The weather has really cooled off last week was a shock it went from hot to cold and rainy last week my legs and knees were really aching and a new one my left hand really hurt i knew it was from change of weather I feel pretty good now since the crap weather has settled in. I never liked fall I always looked at it like the beginning of winter which it is but on the other hand as MissTick pointed out today it is a beautiful time of year I guess I should learn to enjoy it because like it or not summer is over. On the bright side My Aunt Linda invited me to visit her in Arizona some time this winter I might just do that it will be a nice break from the bitter cold that is on it's way..

Enjoy Life


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  1. Thanks to the weather cooling down I’ve got chili bubbling away in my crockpot. It was only supposed to get down to the upper 40s last night so we left a couple of windows open. I woke up around 4:30 freezing to death. Checked the weather channel and they said it was 28 with the wind chill. Trust me when I say I’m going to close the windows tonight!

  2. Hmmm…

    Treatment for cold weather blues?

    Crock Pot Therapy.

    Has a nice ring to it eh?


  3. hi Tim, thanks for the comment. the reading list is of classics that have been banned. i haven’t read alot of the them…someday, i’ll compile a list of books i’ve read. (a little daunting to even think about). take care.


  4. RYC: I had the same thought about your ribs that you had about my chili, lol. I’ve got ribs in the freezer so I might just have to thaw them out tomorrow and put the crockpot back to work πŸ˜‰

  5. I love my crockpot too Tim .


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