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After the snorkeling trip in XCAROT after changing I forgot my belt in the dressing room I was back at the motel so there was no going back to today I took a break from stacking wood and decided to go to Kmart to get another one, So I ask myself why did I just need a belt and end up spending $151.00 LOL I guess because I also just had a get a new Vacuum and a new blender, and of course a pair of shoes and a few other little things, I got to the checkout and realized I forgot my belt Duh, so got the belt and checked out sure was an expensive belt that always happens to me……………. Back to stacking wood……..

Enjoy Life


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  1. LOL that is too funny! I do the same thing, forget the one thing I went in for. Just did the same thing myself also at K-mart, it’s a good time of year to buy new things. Good prices. I don’t honestly like to shop so when I find something I like I buy it, and a couple more for good measure. Love my new crockpot! I have a blender but I never use it. What do you use yours for?

  2. KMart and WalMart are dangerous places, lol. I always go in with a list and come out that much poorer from buying other things.

  3. I have spent many an hour back in the day, stacking wood. I rather enjoy it to tell you the truth.

    Wood fires are the best heat… one day we intend to have a wood stove again.


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