Jun 182010
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I took a personal day off today, Last night was parade night at Saxonburg I am fortunate to be good friends with people who live right on main street to great view we all had a good time I usually don't drink but last night had a few and thought it moght be best to take today off and expecially after yesterday at work I was helping to lay track and put in a crossing right behind the shop that is hard work, and today Mom's Gazebo is being build she went on a bus trip to Pittsburgh so I will be here in case the workers need anything I have not gone over to her place yet to check but I hear lots of activity so they must be doing OK..

I will post pictures when it is done.

Slow progress on the old bike, going to order the parts I need today and also I decided to paint it I still hope to have it done by the end of summer..

Enjoy Life


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  1. So you had a few drinks. You had fun. You didn’t drive. And you’re taking a personal day off from work.

    It’s all good.



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