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I began early this morning and sort of took my time but i got all the wood moved from my driveway  to it’s place on the porch i did not realize how much was there so that aside from making my lunch for tomorrow and cleaning up the driveway is what i got done today it rained off and on all day but not enough to keep me from getting this done i still need 2 cords so maybe i might go ahead and get one delivered then after vacation I can get started on that hopefully I will be all finished with my wood by the end of September.

Now I am finished for the evening my lunch is ready and I am beat, Oh need to make a few phone calls from work like to the insurance company and I guess I have to give the Silverado back as I will tell them I decided to buy my 03 and I need to call for my next load of wood then after work go and send for the salvage certificate for the 03 so I can get my money..

Enjoy Life


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  1. You have your work cut out for the next several phone calls and several days.

    That’s one heckuva pile of wood you have there. And you need more?!


  2. That is a lot of wood! WOW! Glad you got the job done despite the weather being rainy. I do enjoy reading your journal!


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