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So I decided on my truck the adjuster came and she decided that it was a total loss since it was a reconstructed title it took a little linger to have a figure for some reason but the next day the adjuster called me and told me they would give me $7049.00 for it, now I would lose $1300.00 if i took this so I called the people who had originally fixed and sold me the truck and they said find out the amount of the buy back from the insurance company, So the next day I found I can buy it back for $700.00 so we took a good look at the truck and decided we can fix it for under the $6300.00 they will give me as long as we can find a matching rear end with the proper gears in it so that is the hold up. I will have to give the rental back Tuesday but my other truck is done so I have that to drive until my 03 is repaired i am happy with this deal more so than trying to find another truck in as good as shape as this one for $7000.00

Enjoy Life


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  1. It just doesn’t seem fair that we can pay insurace premiums for life, and then you lost your truck-through no fault of your own…..and you still have to bite the bullet.

    I hope the repairs go in your favor….the poor l’il truck….

  2. I think you’ve driven a good bargain.



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