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I finally heard from the adjuster she is coming tomorrow after I get off work she suggested stopping at my work to look at it so I had to tell her how bad the damage was so she is coming after work and she asked where I wanted it fixed at I told her and she is familiar with them she said we may have to take it there for her to complete the estimate i said I agree so tomorrow after work finally some action will happen, I am glad and now have high hopes it can be fixed and i will get to keep it.

Another cold day today I actually lit a fire this morning as it was pretty chilly and I wanted to see how the new heat exchanger was going to work and it did fine. I took Mom up to walmart so she could do some grocery shopping and I had to go to Lowes for a new chain for my saw so I plan on doing some more work on my wood pile here need to get that all done soon…..

Thats all work in the morning and hopefully good new on my truck…….

Enjoy Life


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  1. You had to light a fire??!!! We’re still in the 90s here. Remember the other day when I said I thought we had gone triple? Hah!! It was 105 degrees that day.

    And you lit a fire today.


  2. Some cool weather would be nice. Thanks.



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