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I have not been feeling like myself all this week could not figure it out can’t explain it just feel off so to speak then today i think I figured it out I have been off the patch for a couple weeks and i think it is my nicotine addiction and my body wants it but since I have been off the patch there is none so that has to be it, I think I am over the habit of smoking but I still need the nicotine, no take that back I don’t need it my body just thinks I do, but I think I can fight it off I am just real bitchy with everybody especially at work, Oh Not Mom though as she made me lasagna tonight for my lunch for the last couple days it is delish…..

I got my shift but I am still going to be working this Sunday and next Sunday till my co worker gets back from vacation then I will be having my Sundays off i am so looking forward to that especially for when Football season starts which is right around the corner  

Speaking of work things are still slow but nobody has been laid off yet there is still enough work to keep us all busy and since they are setting up machinists and bidding out jobs then I am thinking things might just be OK. toes and fingers crossed.

This is the tomato plant that Crista bought me for mothers day I did not put it in the ground as Bertha eats the little green tomatoes as soon as I get some so I just put it in a bigger pot and am keeping it on the picnic table so maybe I might get some nice red tomatoes this year..


Enjoy Life


  2 Responses to “Stress”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    I joined their Twitter page, so I will get the newest quotes every day.

    You’re a peach!

  2. I planted 2 Tomato Plants 3 weeks ago, and I already have 2 tomatoes! The plants have doubled in size since I planted them! It’s either the Steer Manure/Peat Moss or the hours and hours of full sunshine I can provide!

    Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to vine-ripened REAL tomatoes!



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