Finally the weekend

Well at least it is my weekend today went pretty good not a lot of work going on over the holiday so I only had to worry about getting a couple trains ready and the day went by fast I am thinking even though I will get my new shift starting Wednesday I might still be working next Sunday as the new weekend guy will be on vacation I will have to wait and make a decision on that..

I did not mow last night as much as I needed to boy did I work hard to talk myself out of that job but guess what ?? my grass still needs cut so now looking back I wish I had cut it, but as they say tomorrow is another day.

That is about all for now was going to watch the race but i see it is still raining at the track maybe maybe not will have to keep checking hope they do get to run tonight

Enjoy Life,


2 thoughts on “Finally the weekend

  1. Ah, peanut butter is my mouse bait of choice also!

    But we have to put the trap up in the attic where the mouse is… We can’t send Ben up there to take care of things for us.


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