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Today i was training my replacement for my weekend shift I am bidding off he is not real thrilled with working Saturday and Sunday but that is life and that is the shift he has I worked it for a year not near as long as some have had to but I did my time I feel a little bit bad but not bad enough to keep working weekends, He is planning on breaking up one of his weeks vacation and taking all his personal days on Sundays company won’t like that but not much they can do , I hope the money is there for overtime but probably not they will just have to get by I guess….

I had a note on my door when I got home Mom made me ham loaf and scallop potatoes I had a little bit of it when I got home it was Delicious so I went ahead and got my lunch ready for tomorrow which by the way should be my last Sunday ….

Weather beautiful out today I might mow I suppose I should as they are calling for rain so I had better get it done it is growing pretty good but not complaining soooo much better that snow and plowing..

Enjoy Life,

Tim                      PS  the smoking thing is getting easier each day …………… I WON……. Tobacco company’s LOST

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew you could to it.

    I haven’t had scalloped potatoes in so long I can’t remember. Now my mouth is watering.



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