May 192009
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This morning i lit the wood burner up last night I know it was going to be chilly this morning and sure enough the furnace was running I keep it set all the time at 64 degrees so I had a small amount of wood ready, after I was awake enough I went to Giant Eagle and buy some supplies for the rest of the week for my lunch I really need to slow down on the eating as my weight is creaping back up but I don’t mind it is better than smoking, and i am sure here soon I can work on getting back down. So after that I called Mom to see if she wanted to go to Walmart to pick up a gift she had delivered there for my nephews son’s first birthday, so while there she also just had to buy me 2 new shirts, did not need them but it makes her happy, and an apple pie, a roasted chicken, and a package of onion burgers, Oh and some sinfull lady locks, sigh, no wonder I am gaining weight LOL I love to eat, Oh did i mention we also went to Chili’s for lunch/dinner I had shrimp alfredo but brought most of it home and will eat later, LOL did I mention I was gaining weight ?? 

Enjoy Life


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  1. She should be home in a few more days. That’s the word on the street. 😉

    If I talk to her, I’ll pass on your greetings.


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