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I wish i knew who makes all these dirty dishes now I know I just did them all a couple days ago and here my sink is full again must me Bertha if I catch her I will me making her do dishes LOL so one of my jobs tonight is to get the dishes done again it began to rain right around 2:00 and I had to conduct our monthly safety meeting at 2:30 so by the time I got off work it was still raining and now just crappy looking and getting chilly.. But I did get my gutters cleaned out.

I am stepped down to the third step of my patch program and as the other step was hard this one was also a struggle but I managed without smoking so I can’t imagine what it will be like when I go off the patch for good in 2 weeks I am fairly certain I can do it it has been 45 days now that is close to 2 months I remember writing here that I made to day 4 and thought that was an accomplishment, so 45 days is good.

Yesterday Mom brought me over meatloaf, and macaroni salad for my lunch for the next couple days it is really good and this sounds a little creepy but food tastes soooo much better  without my dentures in but I won’t let anybody see me without them but I am so much more comfortable without them, I am going on the 11th for my permanent dentures I hope they fit better, I sure do hate the ones I am stuck with right now..

Enjoy Life


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  1. I think food is tasting better because your taste buds aren’t anesthetized by nicotine and the taste of tobacco.

    But anything is going to taste better with properly fitting dentures.

    Don’t worry about the last patch. Just keep focused. You don’t want to smoke any more. You’re feeling better already. And if you want to live to enjoy your grandkids, and live to have your grandkids enjoy you, you won’t miss smoking.

    Keep focused.



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