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last winter I could not wait for summer but I did not mean over 90 degrees it has been making work brutal I start at 3:30 just when the day is heating up but I try not to complain too much it is bearable and I have a good job so life goes on it will get cold soon enough.Overall work is going well I am used to the afternoon shift and have learned a lot I am not offically a machinist it took a year to get all my lessons done and pass the test but I am done and up to full pay, but I never worked under a union before the contract was up the first of July and they are working on a new one but still far away from an agreement but they say it will work out eventually, I hope so I don’t need to be off work again..

Mom is all moved into her new home I was worried about her accepting the change but she is really happy with it I went through soooo much crap to get permits to put a double wide on my property I always thought I own it so I can do what I want well I can but it cost overall with permits and updating the septic system well over $2000.00 but it all worked out well she is in a settled and happy that is all that matters…

I will be seeing both my girls and grandchildren tomorrow as Mom is having a picnic for mine and Crista’s birthday it should be a good day and to top it off tomorrow night is the first Steeler pre season game LOL I am so excited finally Football season is beginning finally..

Tim πŸ˜‰

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  1. Would you believe I was thinking about you just today? Wondering what was happening, when would you write again.

    Good to hear from you, and good news about your Mom and your job. Summer afternoons can be beastly, for sure, but winter afternoons can be beastly too. Be glad there’s Spring and Fall. πŸ˜‰

    Could you manage to write a little more often? Maybe every six months instead of once a year?? Oh, so I’m exaggerating? Well………

    Take care.

    Bless the day

  2. Hey, Tim … It’s good to hear from you! Miss ya

    Hugs, D.

  3. Stay tuned, Tim. There’s more to come. I’m going to make a phone call, cuz I think maybe she misunderstood.

    It’s really good to hear from you. You should write more often.

    Bless the day


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