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So it has been so long I just must get better at this, First a couple months ago Mom and I were working on my spare room and noticed the ceiling was wet sure enough my roof was leaking, made me think is Sheryl’s nightmare, anyhow I got an estimate of almost $6000.00 that was for new wood, new shingles and redoing my porch and new gutters. I got a home equity loan and got the job done it turned out great and now I am dry inside.

Work is going good afternoon shift suits me and I am learning a lot I was set up as a Machinist with a nice raise I am now as of Oct.23 making top rate $19.29 can’t complain there, expecially with OT. I am right now in Buffalo New York, I drove up yesterday for engine classes I will be here all week and drive home Friday evening today was my first day of classes now that I know my way around I am quite comfortable I am staying at Comfort Inn it is a really nice place.

Mom is doing OK she is keeping pretty busy the 15th of November will be one year since Dad passed away I think she will have a hard time that day so I took a personal day and will go visit her and take her shopping and out to eat I have not told her yet I will make it a surprise.

My bike is put away for the winter ;-( but I got a lot of good riding in but there just comes that time, I am behind on my wood for winter I have 1/2 of what I need I waited till the porch was all done before getting the second load I will do that next week after I get home

Enjoy Life

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  1. Hey Tim! Good to hear from you. Was thinking of you a couple days ago.

    So the job is going well, you’re learning and earning. Can’t beat that.

    You’re a good son, Tim, to be thinking of your mother during that sad anniversary. But how about you? Are you handling it OK? It’s hard to lose a parent. And I’m guessing your dad wasn’t all that old. I will think of you on the 15th.


  2. Maybe this will lure you back to DD!! Hee! Tell us how Christmas was!

    Hope you don’t mind! So here it goes… Come see me……. TAG! You’re IT!


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