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My new job is working out great I am working daylight till next Wednesday then I go on second shift (3:30 till 12:00) for a few weeks while they train a new employee then I have my choice of afternoon shift Monday through Friday, or daylight (7:00 till 3:30) Wednesday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off, I will decide after I work a couple of weeks of afternoon shifts and I will remain of what ever shift I decide on until my training is complete then once I am a machinist my daylight shift will go out for bid then if an afternoon person bids on it then I will have to go on perminant afternoon shift but that won’t be for about another year and if that happens that is fine the pay and benifits are so great it will be worth it.I got my tools Friday so they must think I am doing Ok it is hard work sometimes but I am getting more and more used to it and am not so worn out in the evenings.

I went bowling Saturday evening with my friends at the Pittsburgh Mills it is a pretty nice alley but drinks are a lot more expensive we bowled from 9:00 PM till almost 1:00 AM it was a lot of fun but my fingers are a little swelled, it was worth it, that is one of the things I will have to give up if I take the daylight shift as well as my bike rides with my friends on Sundays, but it will still all be good..

Tim 😉

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  1. Except for getting up so blamed early, I prefer daylight shifts. Swing is OK if you don’t have very many friends, or your friends work the same shift.

    Keep up the good work. I so glad to hear how well you’re liking your work.


  2. The more "Technically-Proficient" you are, the more VALUABLE you become. Mr. VALEDICTORIAN, you will soon become a MOST MARKETABLE commodity. Stay the course, bide your time, and soon, the WORLD will be your Oyster!

    Re-arrange your day-to-day schedule and live your life to EMBRACE that days you AREN’T working and HAVE FUN!!!!!

    Oh–and forgive me for my lack of retention, but what kind of motorcylce do you ride (Make, Model, Year, etc.)?


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