Nov 282004
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This has been a pleasant vacation for me it is Sunday night and I still have one more day off , I spent some time today cleaning up the yard I have 2 piles of wood on either side of the driveway one side just needed split and the other side needed cut then split but since by brother still has not brought the splitter over I decided to combine both piles and cover it up with this big tarp I have so I finally I have my driveway back later down the road if he brings it over I can just uncover it and will split it then, but for right now I have plenty split and stacked on the porch.
Yesterday I took Mom up to Staples for her new computer and we got it all set up and running but as my luck would have it today it would only stay running for about 5 minutes then shut down, I knew what the problem is, but Mom called customer support and they told her a bad CPU so she called Staples and they said bring it back and they will give her a new one she was really getting frustrated but she is OK now that she knows she is getting another one so that is the job for tomorrow I told her to go ahead and pack up the small parts and when I get there I will pack up the monitor and tower and we will get it taken care of…
Enjoy Life
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 262004
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Thanksgiving was great we ate so much and there was tons of leftovers for me to bring home I have been eating off and on all day I did not want to over do it because Crissy and I had plans to go out for dinner but she just called and cancelled I hate going out to eat by myself and the Chinese place we usually go to is at the mall so I would imagine it is packed so I guess I will just stay home and finish off my leftovers.
I had a lot to do today but did very little I let all my leaves go till now and there is nothing worse than raking wet leaves I have 4 big maple trees in my front yard so you can imaging how many leaves are laying down there now I did about 1/3 of my yard and quit I figured I can work on it more tomorrow before noon.
When the company I used to work for shut down instead of taking all the networked computers they just took the hard drives and said to throw the rest away such a waste so I took a couple and with an old hard drive I had I put one together it was not the best but it worked and I gave it to Mom she knew nothing about computers LOL Now she is hooked we are going out tomorrow and having lunch then she wants to get a new one so I told her I can hook her up it will still no doubt be crowded tomorrow with the holiday shoppers but we will get that job done then I will get it all up and running for her.
Enjoy Life
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 252004
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Finally some days off Wednesday was a waste at school we just sort of ate all day well I guess you really can’t consider that a waste I did get about an hour of work done in lab we all brought in something I made deviled eggs I was not too sure how many to make so I bought 2 dozen eggs and made them all that came out to 48 eggs LOL I learned that in Algebra X(12)(Y)= 48, X= how many dozen, Y= how many deviled eggs from each egg, 48 was not enough everybody loved them and they went really fast I only got one but that is fine I am glad they were so popular anyhow enough schooling, yesterday was in the 60s I was actually sitting out on the porch last night around 9:00 but it is going downhill now it is 39 degrees and it is getting quite blustery out the weather says snow later not a lot I hope because I want to get a lot of work done outside this weekend.
It is almost 9:00 so I am going to go get a shower and head down to Mom’s for the day Dad is doing as well as can be expected I am just thankful he is here for another Thanksgiving so we will be eating or I should say pigging out on turkey and ham and all the trimmings and watching some serious Football. Happy Thanksgiving to all
Enjoy Turkey Day
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 212004
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Saturday Morning Mom called me about 8:30 she was really upset she had talked to Dad and he was refusing dialysis and was insisting on going home so I went down and picked her up and off we went to te hospital she was right he refused dialysis and since it is considered life support he has that option as long as he can make dicisions, Now they gave him dialysis Wednesday, Thursday, and friday to remove the fluid from around his heart and lungs apparently dialysis dehydrates your body from the water they remove and even more so in his case an I guess the cramping is quite painfull sooo I agreed to let him skip dialysis and brought him home his next schudeled day it Monday and they did get a lot of fluid removed. he is doing OK he is so thirsty from the dehydration that all he wants to do is drink so I got him chewing on ice chips this seems to help with the thirst and slows down on the water intake I could just not see any sense in fighting with him and forcing him to do dialysis and to be quite honest I don’t see how I can force him so that was that he looked real good today but lost a lot of weight due to the 3 days of treatment in a row.
Again my truck want’s to cause me grief I came home around 5:00 from Watching the game with Dad I had to get gas and a few things from the store so I came in and did a few things I had to do for school and just relaxed a bit to watch some more Football,Bertha started to fuss to go out and I aways check before I let her out because of a skunk I saw outside the other day don’t want her to tangle wth one of them LOL that would stink LOL Literally, anyhow i noticed my dome light was still on that is all I would have needed a dead battery in the morning so I went and slammed the doors a couple times but it still stayed on so i got my keys and started it up and then it went off I know the problem is probably on the latch inside the door that is going to be a nightmare to change.Only 3 days of school this week then 5 whole days off I can’t wait.
Enjoy Life
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 182004
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Algebra went good I got 22 out of 20 LOL how good is that actually I got all 20 problems correct plus the 2 point bonus question so Algebra is off to a good start I have my first test in Business Management tomorrow I almost tested out in that class I have been studying hard but I just don’t know what kind of test it is going to be I do know it will be on the first chapter so I will have my nose in the book all evening and before class. This morning I looked out at 5:30 and the fog was back I just hate dark, wet foggy drives into school I could not see a thing and add the constant Deer crossing the road and it really stresses me out but it went Ok I had no problems……
Dad is in the hospital again Mom called and said he is doing OK he had too much fluid around his lungs and heart so they kept him and gave him something to get rid of the fluid and he had dialysis yesterday and today to try to remove the fluid I am not going down tonight as he is doing real good and he will be in the machine for 4 hours so tomorrow after I get home from school I will go pick up Mom and we will go stay with him for the evening and since we are down in that area we just must stop at Max and Irmas for dinner I love to eat there…
I baked a Peach pie last night, Oh I just slaved over a hot stove for hours it is not easy to open a box and turn the oven on 400 and decide when the oven is properly pre heated then the direction say to put it in the center of the oven another chore but I prevailed then the critical part timing it I did good and took it out in 60 minutes LOL and old recipe handed down from generation to generation LOL it was delicious….
Enjoy Life
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 172004
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Our weather has warmed up a bit today it made it above 50 degrees I am starting to accept summer is over I guess because there is no choice School is going good I am on lab project # 47 it is not too complicated just 2 lights controlled my 2, 3way switches and 2, 4way switches, I have the boxes set up and just need to wire it I should have it done tomorrow. We had out second test in NEC (National Electric Code) it is not too difficult yet this is the second test and I did well on both, we cover a chapter and answer 25 questions at the end of the chapter and need to find and write down the code used for the answer as long as you can use the index it is relatively easy, then we go over the questions in class, the way I do it is I first look up the questions and find the answer and the code then read the chapter, Some people just copy the answers from someone else so they have the homework done, well it was obvious who does that because they were the ones who were not finished at the end of the class they just could not find the answers or the codes goes to show you it does not pay to take short cuts I even highlight the codes in the index so they are easier to find for the test Oh and we use the NEC book for the test I have a feeling that if they don’t soon start to do their own work they might be failing NEC. Algebra, Now that has proven to be a challenge for me we had our first test in that class today I will find out how I did tomorrow that is not coming easy to me I finished in plenty of time but rather than turn it in and go outside to smoke like everybody else did I took the time to carefully go over all my problems and double check them I think I did well.
My Aunt Linda was home from Arizona last weekend and we all went out to lunch Saturday it was great to see her again about 4 years ago she invited me to visit for a week, that was the most fun I have ever had I got to see Grand Canyon for the first time and everyday we went to see something different after that things started to fall apart with the job and I never made it back but someday I plan to go there again.
That is all that has been going on in my life just School and homework but I am starting to really enjoy school but that 100 mile drive and the gas is a real killer but in the long run it will be worth it
Enjoy Life,
Tim πŸ˜‰

Nov 062004
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I am on semester break yesterday and today it has been nice to have 2 days off finals went well Wednesday we just took stuff in for a picnic lunch and sat around and watched movies and did basicly nothing but we got to leave at 11:30 the afternoon class is going to be combined with my morning class there are only about 5 people in it but this is what is going to make it interesting this girl Robin she is young like I think 23 and mouthy and likes attention I pay no attention to her so we never really talked I guess because of my age anyhow this girl Jen is exactly the same as her and they don’t like each other so right off the bat Wednesday within about 2 minutes of the class they start in on each other I thought for sure there would be a cat fight so hard to tell how this semister will turn out Jen is very friendly and she is older I would guess maybe 35 she came right up to me and interduced herself she is very forward and friendly actually she is more likeable then Robin is, It just does not matter to me I just want the education I could care less who is the most popular these girls are going to get themselves both kicked out if it keeps up I bet. In NEC class next semister we need to divide into groups to do studying and to find answers to the chapter review problems, I was not too concerned with teaming up with anybody but after it was announced I got 100% on my finals I was approched by several different groups for studying, like anywhere else you always get people divided into groups I just avoided it because I just want the education and to get on with my life.
Bummer about summer being over it is 45 degrees out today although I enjoy burning wood I miss summer I have had the wood burner going all day, this morning an old driver friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast the one school district we used to work for had a 1/2 day so all the drivers were getting together at Eat N Park so I went it was great seeing all the people I used to work with they made me feel good wanting me to go work for the new company they don’t seem to like their new mechanics. Tonight hopefully Cris and I will go out for dinner then tomorrow Mom just IMed me and wanted to know If I wanted to do lunch and go do some shopping then Sunday we are going to the Shriners Dinner they have all you can eat spagetti dinner so if nothing else I will be eating good this weekend.
I went to the dollar store yesterday to pick up some badly needed cleaning supplies and cleaned my bathroom sparkly clean today I did some studying and got some of my lab projects started so I will be ready to go Monday our first class in the morning is Business managment LOL what a way to start the day then Tech Math, then third and fourth period is lab and 5th is NEC I don’t like they way they planned the day but too bad for me I guess I will get used to it.
Enjoy Life
Tim πŸ˜‰