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My trip was over Thursday Night we got home arounf 6:00 we left Monday morning at 5:00 AM the drive was long but it went good when we got to the garage I met the GM and all the techs things seem to be going Ok so we checked into the motel and just relaxed and had a few drinks and dinner. Tuesday I met the applicant for the Shop Supervisor job and interviewed him he was highly qualified and he had worked there before so he knew the operation and shop and the mechanics so I hired him so with that done and out of the way i checked the work load it was not too bad considereing no shop supervisor the guys really did a good job they had DOT inspections on wednesday and everything seemed to be in order so I did a few things on the computer entered mileage and ran a few reports and did a few odds and ends and that pretty much took up the day. Wednesday the DOT inspector cancelled so I spent the dat training the new Shop Supervisor on the computer system and month end and all the reports we need to do during the month it went good he knows computers so that was helpfull. Thursday DOT inspections went on and it went so well that we said out good byes and headed home at 9:00 AM
[album 78237 NY2.jpg]
this is one of the pictures I took of the scenery on interstate 84 in New York the scenery was beautiful the pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped but I still got some….

Friday was so busy the close date for one of my garages was updated to July 5th so it is so hectic and it was a full and stressfull day so I was so happy when it was over and I could come home and take a little nap I took a long hot shower and got ready and left for the races it was a good night and we really had fun I did not get home till almost 1:00 so I pretty much went straight to bed and slept really good. We are all going to breakfast this morning in about 1/2 hour then I really need to Mow and do laundry I am so behind..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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