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I realize it is only a window but you would had to have seen the old one to appreciate the new one I wish I would have taken a before picture my old window was wooden and in pretty bad shape when I removed it I took the trim off and it just fell out it leaked cold air in the winter and was just plain nasty from all the years of dampness fron meing in the bathroom so I am thrilled with the new one and the fact I could install it I am told I did not do it right but what it right or wrong ?? It is in and solid and sealed and looks good so I think I did it right….

I was freezing when I got up this morning I looked at the thermostat and it was 65 degrees fo I fired up the furnace maybe I just should have gotten dressed but it was early so once the furnace kicked on I took a shower and now it is warming up a bit still need to get dressed….

Today is more laundry some last minute cleaning up and off to Dad’s then home to pack and relax and hopefully to bed early so I can get a decent amount of sleep for the trip. Yesterday I took Bertha’s bed outside to shake off all the hair and she said ” Oh a game” and grabbed it and took off running LOL I had a heck of a time catching her and getting it back we for sure for some good exersize during the “game” finally did get it back in it’s spot in the livingroom she has 2 beds one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom…..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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  1. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TIM!!! Wishing your father a wonderful day as well! Enjoy your day with your dad.

    When are we going to see pictures of the new bathroom? Huh????

    I recently got an estimate for new windows. I nearly choked, $8,500. and the house doesn’t even have that many windows! Thank goodness it doesn’t get all that cold here. I’m definitely going to hold off. They still look okay they’re just old so you can feel a draft coming through them at times.

    Much love, Maggie

  2. Great job on the window Tim *claps hands*….I think it looks great!…Aren’t dogs the greatest at doing things when you least expect it lol….When I go to put my dog outside- he makes sure he grabs his bone in his kennel so I don’t take it on him- they are very protective of their territory that’s for certain lol….Well I really do hope you have a great time in New York and hope everything works out to your advantage as well….And thanks so much for the comment left on my diary- I don’t even remember writing half of what I did write but after reading it over – it makes sense ain’t it or no?….Well I am going to end this here and hope you have a great father’s day Tim so Happy Father’s Day to you- you deserve it!;) *hugs*


  3. Hi Tim,

    Your window looks great! Bertha is hilarious! A puppy at heart.

    Take care,



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