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Hello Diary,
Monday is over finally I don’t really like Mondays I can’t wake up I slept in till 5:45 and just could not get going but I did and I guess for a Monday it was not all that bad but it seems like everything I have to do at work these days is geared toward final shut down I have not heard anything but rumors about severance pay and I found I am budgeted my salary till the end if July happy Birthday Huh a pink slip, I need to get out of this mood about the job 80% of the time I am fine with it you know one door closes another one opens but the other 20% I get a little down about it. I have been here for 23 years it is just hard to change Most of the Equipment is going to be transfered to Topeka Kansas 20 units will be sold that is what I have been working on is getting the paperwork filled out and all the equipment checked out and Emailing the forms to Corporate so they can pre sell them as I still need it all till June 7th.

I was in the mood for Pork chops so here after that fiasco with the hamburger and my ring yesterday I forgot to seperate them I always put 2 per package then I can cook only 2 and that will do me for 1 dinner and 1 lunch but I forgot and threw the whole package in the freezer *sigh* I am just going to cook the whole package and hopefully I can finish them before they go bad I will be sick of Pork Chops by the time I am done, On the bright side I can comfortably fit into my 33 waist Jeans *Pats self on the back* Thank you Dr Atkins I weighed 177 this morning even after blowing it at the races Friday night and the Strawberry Shortcake at Mom’s Sunday.

I took Bertha to the vet for her shots and a petacure LOL she hated that but now her clawls are all nice and short and by the way she weighed in at 94 pounds she lost 36 pounds over the winter, So new diet guaranteed to work Eat
only 4 cups of weight managment dog food per day

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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  1. Congrats to you and the dog on the weight loss. It is so very important to keep our pets at the proper weight. My Golden Retriever always weighed 86 pounds because I carefully watched what I fed him. He got around great even in old age. The next door neighbors lab was a good 20 pounds overweight and spent the last several years of her life not being able to get around well at all because her hips were bearing too much weight.

    On the pork chop issue, I have several great recipes and most of them can be frozen so if you get back to me soon enough, I can give them to you and you can make them and freeze them into individual servings. Let me know.

    On the job front, my best friend is in the same boat as you. She is a warehouse manager for Hyster and she knows she only has about another year and a half before they close. She is frantically working on a degree in the hopes of getting another job in this rotten economy. She grew up here, raised her kids here and doesn’t want to have to leave but the reality is that she probably will have to. A sad world we live in when you give better than 2 decades to a company and still have no job security.

    Take Care,



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