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It warmed up to 70 degrees today I loved it I took off around 11:00 took the long way to Mom’s we ate around 1:00 the girls were there as well as my grandson I enjoyed the visit, Dad’s health is going downhill everyday that bothers me I must begin going down to visit a couple times a week instead of just the weekends I don’t want any regrets beside neither of my brothers go to visit him so he really enjoys when I go down. Dr Atkins is frowning on me right now but what are you going to say to Strawberry Shortcake. I needed some supplies from Giant Eagle so I forced myself to bring the bike home and put it away and took the truck to the store after I came home and put everything away I began making and freezing my hamburger patties after I got done I went to wash my hands and realized my pinkie ring was missing *sigh* I proceded to dismantle all the burgers but to no avail I figure some day I will find in inside a hamburger, I went out to the garage to lock up my girl and set the security system and just for the heck of it I checked my gloves and sure enough there was my ring I could not even remember it not being on that bike just puts me on cloud 9

Tim 😉

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  1. Well, Hello!

    Welcome back and enjoy your Harley!!


  2. Welcome to DD. I have had the fever for a Harley for some time now, would love to hear your opinions on the different Harleys and the best one for a novice rider. Best wishes, ChefRichardM

  3. I started out on a sportster (87 evo). It’s light weight, well balanced and I can pick it up when I drop it.


    BUT……..if I’m going on a long haul I prefer to ride the shovel. It’s a ”softer” ride and I don’t have to pull over every 88 miles for gas.


  4. Hi,

    Glad to see you are making your diary public. I do know that you have been reading my diary for some time as I had seen you on my notify list. I will indeed add you to my friends list.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad’s health. It is very hard to watch a parent decline. If you ever need to talk about it, you know where to find me.

    Take Care,


  5. Just got to love a man who loses a ring in the hamberger. I’ve got a White’s metal detector should we scan the patties?

    I live 6 miles from Ventura. Have spent many a happy moment in that fair city.

    Sure, feel free to email.


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