Though it is quite impossible and ridiculous to finish my Resume, Cover Letter and Education Mission in only 1 day, I hv made that!! (certainly, they will be subject to countless refinements la~)

Really wanna thx:
Twin Brother and Sing, for ur support and kindness to share~

Kobo, for ur advices and support!

Sunshine and YipYi, under such a great pressure, chatting sth relevant but in a relaxing mood is soooo necessary for me!!!

Ivy, for ur nice written and touching diaries~~~ They really touch my heart! I enjoy your writing very much~~

FatHo, for being a over-night partner!! Haha~~ ^^ Wish u every Success!!

AND… U!!!! It is really seldoms for u to give advice, but this time ur words motivate me to fulfill the task! ^^