“History is for the people … I want to be an historian of hope who makes people aware of possibilities in the future.”

“Go where your tastes and interests carry you… Follow where your own curiosity sends you.” Davis

“… once they have chosen their concentration, is to stay with it. Don’t be one of those students who is interested in nothing or everything… be in touch with the world beyond the campus…” Fite

“… not to be afraid of their own impulses and hunches. Go with them even if you don’t know where they’re leading you.” Hine

“History can give present generations not only a sense of belonging… but also a sense of past human achievements… every generation has had its problems, losses, calamities, disappointments and victories.” Clark

“Without love , there is no true understanding.” Von Laue

All from “Speaking of History: Conversation with Historians” Roger Adelson (1997)