Who am I? I’m a 50-something American woman. I have 2 semi-grown children in their 20s that I raised mostly on my own. I have a good career that is winding down as I coast towards retirement. I have weathered a divorce, parenting challenges, career disappointments, and financial setbacks. I am also a “newlywed,” as I took the plunge and decided to give marriage another try with a man I met at church a few years ago. We had a long-distance relationship, but I uprooted my entire life, leaving my house, my children and my father behind, to move to the great state of AZ to be with him. After being on my own for so long, living with a partner again has proved to be a challenge, but I waited a long time for him, so I am willing to do what it takes to make this work! I previously had diaries here, decades ago, but everyone jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, including myself. I now find Facebook annoying and boring. I miss the authenticity, honesty, and anonymity of the online diary. So, I decided to come back! I am in a completely different season of my life, navigating Empty Nest Syndrome, age and stress-related health issues, Work/Life Balance, retirement financial planning, and all of the worries that come with this new season.