I’m back!!!
I am so excited to be back here and to still have my old account available! I started my diary about 20 years ago and view it as if it were a treasured friend.

I still have a pretty chaotic life, but consider it to be part of my “normal”. My “Babies” are teens now, getting ready to start high school and I currently live with my husband that I was previously separated from, and work as a volunteer for our county mental health organization, NAMI.
I am a Public Speaker that visits different places like Jr/Sr high schools and police academies several times a year to give presentations on whats it’s like living with mental illnesses from my own perspective in order to help educate the public, reduce stigma and provide resources for people who either live with mental illness themselves, work with those who do or at least knows somebody else that does.
Other hats that I wear for my “job” working with NAMI is manning tables for health fairs to give pamphlets and information to people, I have role-played scenes with MI (mental illnesses) to help police officers during CIT (Crisis intervention training), and I also facilitate Connection support groups for adults with mental illness.

I just got kicked out of the Eating Disorder treatment center that I was able to go back to again on 5/3/19 for not being compliant with my treatment contract and am seeing a therapist and psychiatrist at a different agency now, the one that I started out at before I first started receiving the specialized ED (eating disorder) treatment at the other center for the first time back in 2013, right after my Dad died. I am satisfied with the providers that I have today, but last night decided to attend a presentation that my old therapist was giving in order to kind of give myself some closure from a painful memory.

I have so much more to write about, and I will! All in good time. Cheerio

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