Friday 9/14/12

I LOVE going to help at my girls school! I came in this morning, sat my things down in the volunteer lounge and headed to the classroom I help in. My new friend Kendra was just starting to leave with her son and stopped by the room to ask me if I wanted to come over, because she lives right across the street. I told her I wish i could, but that was when the teacher needed me the most, helping the kids with writing.
I stayed in the room from 9-9:40 and then I left and went to her house anyways, but she must have already left for work by then. So, I headed back to school and hung out in the volunteer lounge chatting with the other volunteers evty, stephanie and amy. I went for a ride with Evy and Stephanie to smoke a cigarette off of school property and we came back and made some more popcorn. I decided to go home for about a half an hour and got some ice cube trays, dish cleaning soap, wipes, and this cool little quarter candy machine that someone gave me. I took them back and put stuff down in the room and headed off to the cafeteria to help keep the line moving. Kindergarten came through first, and the very last boy looked at me and said “I love you”. When I stepped outside of the kitchen to cool off a little I noticed that boy had to sit all by himself at this huge table, so I went over and sat with him, and then got a lunch and ate with him instead of waiting till later and eating alone in the lounge. He was so sweet!!! He shared my food with me, begged me for some of my strawberry milk which I said no to, and I laughed when he tried some things like salad + applesauce, or ketchup on his mini corn dogs, and said “eww” when he spit out sweet potatoe fries. Later he added his fries to my tray, and I was just hoping none of the spit came with it! When it was time to go, he invited me to go to his class with him and I thanked him but had to decline, told him I had to do some other things at school.
Next came my girls in the first grade. Emily had change in her hand for a snack at school and I asked her where she got it, and she said on my computer. later I told Trinity that she could have some snack money on Monday but Emily could not because she didn’t ask em and took some. I bought 4 bags of popcorn and handed some out to some kids, mostly at my daughters two tables. That took some time, never again! I gave and received so many hugs today, I love these kids!
After lunch I saw that I was alone in the volunteer lounge so I just started trying to think of what to do next. I helped myself to a cup of ice cream that was just sitting in the freezer and noticed after a couple of bites that it just REALLY didn’t taste that good. Later the other volunteers laughed and said they were in there since last year! EWWWW, YUCK!
I got busy finding a sink that I didn’t have to hold the faucet down on and rinsed the ice cream out and threw away the cups. When I got back in the lunge I saw some stacks of scholastic newsletters with a note asking for us to please sort them and deliver them to the 1st grade teachers, so I went ahead and did it instead of having another cigarette forst. The first teacher I went to, Triity’s complimented me and said that I was fast! That made me feel good.
I had my after lunch cigg. break then turned in some box tops and pop can lids. I got safety pins for a boy who was missing a button and had his underwear showing, and when I asked for help finding him because I forgot which one he was this teacher told me he was kind of physical and that it wouldn’t be safe to put them on him, and besides, he was in one of my daughters classes. Ok, no safety pins!
I went back to the classroom I help in and had some trouble with girl O. She has a hard time and I hate it, because she’s so cute, but she disrupts the class and streses the teacher out. Right after she first sat down next to me the teacher had to take and place her on the floor right next to the carpet. She stayed for a few minutes then kept finding her way back towards me. I had to keep placing her back on the floor and was actually very proud of each of the small victories we had. She then began to crawl all over the floor all over the classroom. She got mad at one point and got up and went to her desk and tore her sticker charts apart. I went over to the teacher when she had a second and suggested taking her to the principles office. She agreed, twe have been running out of ideas so maybe it was time to try this. I took the girl to the office, her head was hung the whole way there. I spoke softly to her, trying to make sure that she understood that she was in trouble, and that was why we had to go there. I left her to wait on the bench for the principle, who I know to be very reasonable and fair and helpful, but had to go and get a write up slip to bring back with me. It was for the best, and honestly if she starts thinking oif me as a little bit of a meany, it may help our situation some!
I passed out stickers to the kids who read quietly, I stayed in the room with them for a few minutes while the substitute art teacher was in there, and then I got the honir if taking our 8 out of 23 kids to this end of the week dance that is set up for kids who have showed pride in our school for the whole week! The best poart was when I saw both of my girls come and get to participate as well!!!
The kids came in and sat down and ate a cookie first, and when I was offered one, I took it and said thanks, and loved it. Oatmeal raisin. I took a few pictures of my daughters with their friends and boyfriends, and chatted with another new friend, dana, who is a teachers aid and the mom of the boy that Trinity likes, and I told my daughter Emily’s former kindergarten teacher about how we haven’t been late to school even once this year yet.
When it came time to dance, I couldn’t take any pictures, because I was too busy dancing with the kids! We danced to the cha cha slide, and some other dance, and I had to cheat and watch the pribciple who was dancing solo on the stage and listen to her as she said the steps out loud but it was so much fun!
I took the kids back, and when trinity was going into her room her teacher told me how she told her she’s never been to the dance and I had to admit that we were late a lot getting to school last year. She said she knew it couldn’t have been because of her behavior! Proud Mama moment then!
I met Emily’s new boyfriend, she had asked a boy if he would be her boyfriend, and he said yes! She is so cute!!! He was a cutie pie, too! I sure hope he will come to her bithday party two weeks from today! I hope we make it!
Trinity was the lucky duck today, and that meant that she was allowed to do special things like take papers to the office. Emily is getting ready to lose her first tooth. She says that 3 of them are wiggly, actually!
One of the boys that I took to the dance told me that I was a great teacher! Awww!!!!
I just had an amzing day, and love every second of my wonderful life. 🙂
After school we played outside with a friend, then took her out to eat with us, then we watched a cartoon (Dinosaurs) and part of a movie, (Beetoven’s big Break)and our friend Natalie is spending the night with us then going to a football game in the morning/early afternon that Kendra’s son plays in. I figure all the kids can play, and I can hang out with Kendra. I am so tired right now but know I’ll have a really good time once I get there. So, more later! Have a great weekend!