was she raped?

6/19/00: Was she raped?
Ok, today I need to write about a serious issue because it is on my mind. First off, June 28th I have to go to court because last year I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people. It’s going to be ok, at least I hope so.

Today I went to a friends quincyanos, and I had a blast, we listened to mexican music, danced, and we could have done other things, too, like drink, there was a pitcher of beer and a wine cooler on each side of each table. I chose not to drink, along with a friend of mine and her mother who was driving us home and needed to stay sober. I had coke instead.

Later on after coming home from visiting someone I heard some news. A girl that I am close to has been in love with this guy for fiorever and has fantasized about having sex with him, well, he hasn’t been around and they did it, except that the girl was scared to death and wanted it so bad, except she kept saying no because he hurt her, and he was too into it to notice or care, now she is stuck with deciding what to do. She wants some space for now to think about it and I’m going to give her some time, I know she’ll make the right decision. She was crying when she told me about it, she said she had sex before but it wasn’t real and he didn’t hurt her and she bled a lot. The first guy didn’t force her, either. She is depressed about it, worried that it is her fault, she can’t tell, he’ll be back, that she’ll get pregnant because they didn’t have time for condoms, et cetera. Well, this is almost all for now, I have got to try and sleep soon, I have to wake up at 7 a.m. and work at two different jobs tomorrow TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE EVERYONE

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  1. Ok, I’m writing this to anyone who might read this entry, this rape actually occured on Father’s day, and it was really me, I wrote about that other girl to make it sound like a friend or someone and wrote things to back that idea up, I wasn’t sure about what to do and was very upset.

    As of right now I am fine, it’s been reported and I’m working on going to the trial we’ll have and stuff, and waiting. That’s the worst part, I’ve had a nightmare from being so scared, that the 19 year old will have friends come after me and beat me and kill me.

    I’m making it through so far and I think that maybe one day I will be able to help someone else who unfortuantly may go through the same thing. Take Care and watch out!!!

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