Year: 2019

Friends System Help – Notification Assistance

Why Is It So Hard? It’s been brought to my attention that the system which allows people to request and receive notifications when someone updates an entry is a little difficult to navigate. To be fair, it is somewhat challenging. Part of the reason it’s so challenging is because I’ve tried to give people the …

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SSL Comes To DearDiary.Net – And Other Changes

SSL has been a requirement for Google optimization when it comes to searches for probably nearly a year now. Sites that don’t support SSL (secure) connections won’t get the little padlock in the corner and a penalised in search results. Also, it’s not good because your login details are sent in the clear across the …

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Migration Is Available

Further to the previous post I made regarding the various changes – migration is now available again. You can migrate your diary from the legacy to the new site using the Migrate menu option at the top of the page. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Another New Server

So, after migrating the enormous mess that calls itself to a new host the other day it became apparent the hosting plan it was on was completely unsuitable for such a massive site. There’s over 3000 diaries registered on the new system (contrast that with around 60,000 on the legacy site though!) and they …

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