Month: March 2002

Reader Comments Wonky

I’ve had reports of Add Reader Comment not working like it should. Most notably it seemingly chooses a random diary to actually do the addition. I’m not totally sure why this is, but I have put some extra tweaks in place to ensure the integrity of the comments system and I hope it’ll kick it …

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AtomIC Album Upgrade

I have rapidly upgraded the AtomIC Album to accept and display GIF images. Please note that due to licensing costs, we can do NO manipulation of the image if it is a GIF, so even if you specify the thumbnail option in your Album code, the image will remain full sized. If you wish to …

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Graphics Not Working?

Its come to light that rather more people than expected were using the /userdata/username/images URL to show pictures in their diaries, judging by the amount of email we’re getting on the subject. The URL format has never been advertised as the way to show graphics in your diary, as, indeed, its only intended to store …

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