Those furrows you see dug into the ground coming from the old site and leading to here? Those are my heels, digging in and being dragged through the ether-field, showing the last of my remaining resistance in being brought over to the new site. My Salamander background is gone. My formatting is gone, and weird …

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Lyta Alexander

That “beautiful cat” was Lyta (Lee-ta) Alexander. I adopted her back in 2004. She was brought to the rescue I was volunteering for then at about one-year of age and very pregnant. One of the other volunteers fostered her until the kittens were ready for adoption. They named her Faline, after Bambi’s girlfriend, and her …

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I exist.

There is a moment when the caffeine hits. One perfect, glorious moment. I haven’t had coffee in several days, less by choice than circumstance. This morning I sit in a local DD, sipping a large mocha macchiato and just being. The magical moment is no substitute for true mindful meditation, something I have taken up …

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