October 6- entry 1

7:20 pm october 6th 2020

so i’m listening to mr loverman the slowed and reverbed version and when listening to it i think of all the fucking memories i had with whiskey. it was prolly the best times of my life and i miss it so so much. i obviously cant help but cry and know that i can never be like that again. theres no one like whiskey. no one that understands me like that and will be there for me. we had so much fun and i would have done ANYTHING for her and we just had an amazing time together. ik she was terrible to me and was not a good person and sometimes there are people you are meant to just have memories with and move on from. and ig she was one of them. tbh i never remembered calling her a slut so yk. but she called me a bitch and i responded by also saying something and laughing. but when i saw her and roof tagging me in that my heart stopped. i read it maybe 10 times and i couldnt wrap my head around it. my heart pounding the whole time. then i started crying cuz i didnt know they would do that. ankitha has never apologized. never. ever. she ignored aadhya for 4 months and told everyone to report and block her but roofs bsfs again with her. like does whiskey not remember everything i did for her. i was like a follower to her and i did so much while she took me for granted. AND I NEVER GOT MAD AT HER! like omg. i also remember how much fun i had at robotics. i felt appreciated and important but the girls thought of me as slutty and mean just bc i wanted to fit in to ppl who acc liked me and made me feel included.