Day Today!

This morning I got woken up by Kevin at 7’o clock in the morning. He asked me to get dressed because Mummy was getting bad pains, and we were going to the Hospital. We then went to the hospital. We had to wait on some seats for over 2 hours for a doctor to come …

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Aqua Beads

This Morning When I got up this morning, Mummy and Kevin were still sleeping, so I decided to start getting ready. I played with Ayla for a little bit on my bed with Snuggles, my toy mouse, before getting up and going downstairs to get breakfast. I fed Ayla first when I got into the …

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White Sheep

17:26 ~*~*~*~*~*~ Today, there was a monster on my DVD (An American Tale). He was inside the water. I was really scared of the monster. The little mouse (Fievel) screamed because he didn’t like it. Fievel mouse saw lots of fishes in the water. This morning, I went to school and played Animals. I pretended …

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