The Lake & Picnic, Dinner with Jim & Cath, Emma and Natalia.

The Lake & Picnic

Yesterday, we went to the lake and had a picnic. The picnic was al-right– we had French bread, crisps etc., and it was a shame, because we thought the “lake” Jenny told us about was just an ordinary lake, but it turned out that it was a massive swimming pool. I kinda enjoyed myself, but I didn’t bring any armbands, and because everyone thought it was just a lake, I was the only one who was willing to go in and bring my swimming costume. So, I was there, trying to teach myself how to swim… They said that we would come back in a couple of days and everyone would bring their swimming costumes, so hopefully that will be better and I can actually learn how to swim (by Mummy, obviously, because Kevin can’t swim)!

Dinner with Jim & Cath

Yesterday, we realise that we couldn’t do three o’ clock to go to Jim and Cath’s house, so we went after we went to the pool. At the starters, the only thing I liked was the Pringles.I didn’t like the cracker biscuits with the lemon and salmon and eggs, or the green stuff, or the black things, and I was starting to get a little worried, and also embarrassed, because what if I didn’t like the Main Course? They had said earlier they were doing a recipe with eggplant, and that made me super super worried, but then they told us that we didn’t seem too keen on the idea and they changed it to spaghetti bolognase. I don’t usually like spaghetti bolognase, but I did! It was delicious. They are both so friendly and they told Mummy and Kevin that it would be fine if they would like them to babysit me and Millie, and that would be great, I mean, the think is, I do love Mummy and everything, but it just get’s a bit… predictable? So that’d be cool, but when I asked Mummy later, she said it was just a suggestion, and she didn’t think she and Kevin would go out– for my sake. I told her that I would be fine with it, and I think she might be thinking about it… The funny thing is, too, is that all the way through, Cath thought I was called Faith! But at the end, Jim walked up to us two and said to me ‘Tell me, are you called Faye or Faith?’ and I said ‘Faye’, and Cath seemed really counfused!!

Emma and Natalia

I have emailed both Em and Nat and it has been two days, and they haven’t replied. I know it’s not their fault, because I am allowed to go onto the laptop most of the time, and they don’t, but I really can’t wait to get replies, and it takes FOREVER! Well, that’s what it feels like. I also have loads of things to tell them that I have missed out in my previous emails, alike I wanted to thank them for my presents from my party (Emma got me a BEST FRIENDS thing from M & S, and Nat did a home-made MASSIVE poster of me and her together. They were both really nice). I really want to tell them about the views, Jim and Cath and what we’ve been doing, and I am also desperate to ask Em when her next singing competition is and then I really want to help her learn the words and stuff, and maybe she will be able to get first place again.

That’s all, really.

Faye x x x x