Travelling, My Birthday, Amelia, and My Friends.


We are now in France! We are travelling across Europe, and it is beautiful here. The views are amazing, and the house we are living in is really homely. It’s good, too, because the main reason we were going travelling was because we were getting fed up with the same routine over and over again, but now, when we DO get bored of France, we will be moving to Spain!

My Birthday

On the 14th of July, it was my birthday! I had a party with all of my friends– even Natalia was there! It was a great last opportunity to hang out with my friends before I left. So, I am now 9, which is really weird saying, because I am so used to being 8! This is my last 1st digit number– in other words, I’ll be ten soon!


Okay, let me get one thing straight: Francesca isn’t called Francesca any more. Mummy and Kevin decided they weren’t too struck on the name at last minute, and we all agreed on Amelia (well, not ALL, because I am not very struck on the name. If I ever do have a baby, which I hope I never do, it will be called a nice name, like Ethan or Layla or Honey or Celeste).

My Friends

Even though I enjoyed spending time with my friends at the party, I am still missing them, especially Ella, because she couldn’t make it because of a Wedding Anniversary or something (which I thought was a pretty rubbish excuse, because surely she would have wanted to see me on my birthday/leaving party rather than see her family’s anniversary?), and we have been best friends since Year 3. I guess it’s strange thinking I am starting Home Education in September instead of Miss Langford, the Year 5 teacher.

That’s all really. I’ll keep you posted!

Faye xx