Day Today!

This morning I got woken up by Kevin at 7’o clock in the morning. He asked me to get dressed because Mummy was getting bad pains, and we were going to the Hospital. We then went to the hospital. We had to wait on some seats for over 2 hours for a doctor to come and check Mummy. They said it was just a Water Infection, but Mummy doesn’t think it is because the pains are really bad.

When we got back from the Hospital, I decided to print out some East Co-ordinates. I did 2 Easter Co-ordinates yesterday, which was a bunny and a chick. I think co-ordinates are my favourite type of math. When you print them out, there is a little section of squares and there are letters going across and numbers going up. There are instructions at the top of the sheet. For example, it might say E4, and then you had to colour in the square that is E4. When you have coloured in all the squares that it tells you to colour in the instructions, you will have a picture! My chick and bunny are taped to my wardrobe, and my Easter Egg, that I made today, is taped to my bedroom door.

I have tidied up my chest where all my clothes were piled up today. I have put the clothes that need washing next to the Washing Machine and the ones that are clean either in my wardrobe or in my drawers. I have also tidied my bed and opened my curtians to make my room more bright so that I am not wasting electricity. It was freezing this morning but now it’s really warm.

Today is the 1st of April, which means 3 months and a half until my birthday! I am really excited. Someone at the hospital asked me today if I was nearly 4! I know that I am small, but I’m not THAT small! Silly person.

Because I only had crisps and a Dairy Milk Bar at the Hospital, I had an egg and mayonaise sandwitch with some grapes and a sausage roll.

I am going to go onto Bin Weevils now and Sumdog to make sure I am still 1st on the LeaderBoard!

Faye xx