Aqua Beads

This Morning

When I got up this morning, Mummy and Kevin were still sleeping, so I decided to start getting ready. I played with Ayla for a little bit on my bed with Snuggles, my toy mouse, before getting up and going downstairs to get breakfast.

I fed Ayla first when I got into the kitchen, then I made mine. I had Weetabix with lot’s of sugar. I then went back upstairs to brush my teeth after all that sugar. I put on a lot of toothpaste and got scrubbing. My grown up teeth are a bit yellow because when they were first coming through they were so small I couldn’t brush them properly without hurting my gum, so I guess I didn’t brush them properly, so now I am brushing my teeth every day and night.

When I had brushed my teeth I went back downstairs again to pick out an outfit to wear for today. My tights that I was wearing yesterday has a big hole in, the white top has a little hole in the sleeve that makes it a little breezy, so I needed I new one to wear. I picked out a pink top with stripy and spotty tights with a greenish skirt with flowers on.

I then did my hair, which I put in a pony tail, then I moved the bobble down quite a bit and made a hole in the top of my pony tail with my fingers, then pushed the bottom of my pony tail into the hole to make the flip-loop hairstyle. I then put my flowery multi-coloured headband on to match my skirt, and in the middle of each flower it has a sparkly gem. I think it’s really pretty.

I have played Aqua Beads and I have sorted through my books.

Faye xx