Diary entry for today…

It’s Mothers Day today. Mummy seemed to like her presents and cards, and I also made her an extra card and I DEFINITELY think she liked that one, especially the poem. Mummy said that she and Kevin were having a rest, but she got up before and said she couldn’t sleep, and I heard music just before, but it’s stopped now and everything’s quiet, so I’m not sure what they are doing.

I am pretty hungry at the moment, which is surprising because I had some Weetabix and 3 chocolates from Milk Tray which Kevin bought for Mummy for Mothers Day (I always help her with eating the Milk Trays, especially big ones) and it’s only been about an hour after the Milk Tray, and I think it’s more or less Lunch Time now.

Me, Daddy and Jenna are going to Blackpool next weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it, but I don’t know whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. The last text he sent me was basically saying that he hadn’t planned it with Vikki yet because Jenna does Morris Dancing a lot of the time, and I haven’t had another text from him since, which isn’t very helpful, but he must be busy in London.

Jenna is the exact opposite of me: I’m a bookworm, she isn’t so good with her speaking and English. I’m quite lazy and I don’t like excersize at all, and she is really good, and she is pretty much the best child at sports I have ever met. She does all kinds of sports I can think of, including swimming, and Morris Dancing, and she gets loads of badges and medals and trophy’s, and I’m really proud of her. Me and Jenna are really close, and we both support each other and are kind to each other. As I have said previously, I’m really proud of her with her love of sports and her great attitude in sports, and she is really proud of me for writing and publishing my own book (and I also think that me putting at the beginning “to Jenna” to make her famous too helped as well).

I am going to read in a second while waiting for Mummy to wake up (if she’s asleep) and get some lunch. Mummy and Kevin have bought me a new book by an actor, just to let me know that, even though Frankie’s been born and she is taking a lot of their time, I am still loved as much as she is, so that has made me feel better, because, to be completely honest, I was a little jealous of Francesca, but all that has passed now.

PS Francesca is getting SO much bigger! Mummy had to move her up the crib because her feet were sticking out the bars! Mummy has just come in to ask me if I want lunch yet, so I am going to go now and get some grub in my stomach.

Faye xx