Diary for today…

Francesca has been born now ( baby sister)! She is absolutely GORGEOUS and, or course, my dream come true. I have all my life wanted to be a big sister and be relied on and not be the little one any more, and here she is!

Me and Luke (crush) have been getting on really well. He’s talking to me more than usual, and he is always sitting close to me. Emma is the only person in school who knows that I fancy him, and knows that I sent the Valentine Card to him. But sometimes I wish that I never trusted her and didn’t tell her, because she keeps teasing me when there are people around and always says that she’s going to tell Luke when I don’t want her to, and things between me and her seem to start breaking slowly. The other day she said ‘No offence,but I think you’re getting you’re own way all the time’. Great.

So, the only best, BEST friend I have at the moment is Mummy, but she doesn’t go to school and can’t look out for me there. Yes, I do have FRIENDS t school, but Emma is my only best friend. Why does she seem to not want to be my friend when it’s exactly the time when I need one?

So, that is all what has been happening so far. I am getting a little fed up, and now all I can think about is Natalia, how I wish how she would of never moved schools. I wish she was here. 🙁

Faye xx