White Sheep



Today, there was a monster on my DVD (An American Tale). He was inside the water. I was really scared of the monster. The little mouse (Fievel) screamed because he didn’t like it. Fievel mouse saw lots of fishes in the water.

This morning, I went to school and played Animals. I pretended to be a cow and a horse. I was a lady horse and Keyan was a boy horse. The man horse died. Afterwards, I played with the sand. The bucket fell over and I was worried.

I sat with Mummy and we looked at her witches’ book. I learned that pink means friendship and purple means peace. One day, I want my own witches’ book and I want to learn about crystals. I love crystals. Mummy is going to teach me.

For my dinner, I had fish fingers and two waffles. Afterwards, I had a cup of tea and I drank it all very quickly! Mummy didn’t drink hers very quickly because hers was very hot! When I finished my cup of tea, I wanted to write my diary.