Adam’s Garments

I was reading in Sefer Ha Aggadah just the other day and ran across a small paragraph about Adam.

“What was Adam’s garment [before his sin]: A fragrant mist of onycha and a divine aura of glory covered him. After he ate the fruit of the tree, the onycha’s mist was divested from him, the aura of glory departed from him, and he saw himself naked.”

Without the Oral Torah, we can come to incomplete conclusions about things we read in the Written Torah. Not wrong necessarily, but incomplete.

Onycha is one of the ingredients in the temple incense. There is a debate over what it is derived from exactly, but all agree that it has a beautiful fragrance. So Adam in his original state, had two ‘garments’. One of light, and one of fragrance. So our idea that he was ‘naked’ and just didn’t know it before the sin of eating from the tree isn’t accurate. He WAS clothed! With ‘garments’ which we can barely imagine.