I’m bored as hell

So, normally i dont sleep much i think like 2-3 hours on school days. not much eh? but i dont really care cuz it does not harm me mentally. (it does but who cares?:))

I woke up at 7:23 am, i wasn’t even sleepy or tired. i was hella suprised. my phones really boring so i didnt know what to do. i started daydreaming, letting my imagination wild and it was kinda a bad idea cuz i kinda started crying. Then i started overthinking everything about my life. Tomorrows monday the start of the most depressing week that is in my lifetime. IM GONNA HAVE 5 QUZZES EACH DAY ONE. IM GONNA DIE.

After all of thaaat- i started watching all kind of random stuff on my phone to not try and overthink anthing. which kinda helped. i was hungry so i went out ate and showerd. i have kinda curly hair, but it doesn’t last long. I downloaded two apps, i had them both but got bored with them. so i installed them again and got bored witht he first one. the game where OBEY ME and MYSTIC MESSENGER. i didnt delet MYSTIC MESSENGER cuz i wanna play it out. my dreamis kinda to be something important, but im not. so i suck at school, i dont have any hobbys. im fat, ugly so im home reading watpad imagining how cool would that be that im dead. i have many suicidal thoughts and shared some with my friends but they thought i was joking so i didnt say anything about that theme anymore. I have this one friend who understands be but now im too scared to text him because i think i did something and hes mad. i thought about too many things today. but the best part is it isnt half of the day. its 2 pm. i normally dont sleep at nights cuz i can concentrate better but i think im gonna fall asleep today.

ah i forgot. i really like anime so im thinking about them all the time. making fanficts about them and people in my mind but if i try to write it i get a better idea or im just too lazyy.

i really dont wanna go to school or live. i would die but somethings sptopping me.

sincerely : bruhgirl20

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