My thoughts are not always appropriate or berry bright, Sometimes ugly and dark as night. Irony like a salt that enhances even the darkest chocolate, Just pour the wine - there is no need to calculate - Strawberryrain on me

Dog Boobs

My dog has surgery day after tomorrow for multiple mastectomies. Apparently I have to wait until tomorrow to get a better explanation as to why they do not just remove all her nipples. She doesn’t need them, and it seems like the logical thing to do to help reduce recurrence. I do not understand why …

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I am fine. Doing great! How are you? Are you OK? Great job! I am so proud of you – Do you need anything? This is what I say to my kids, the Man, friends co-workers etc. Truth is I am not fine, not well at all. Apparently I had a mental breakdown last weekend, …

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Yesterday was our 13 year wedding anniversary – 13 YEARS! oh wow has time flown by. So here we are in the middle of a pandemic, no anniversary trip to go on, stay at home orders. What to do. Seriously I had to weigh if going to get him a card was worth the risk. …

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Reading old entries today. WOW. I have come a long ways. I can honestly say that being a step-parent was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I was far from perfect at it, in fact, I was a complete failure on many levels. Yet somehow I persevered despite the …

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2 Squares

It’s a glorious day in paradise. Firstly, look at me with time to write in my diary again! Secondly, I have advanced in comfort level to now use 2 squares of toilet paper at a time! 😀 what is luxurious giddy feeling to feel free to use more than one square. Yep, I scored toilet …

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