I am having a ‘Stay in Place’ vacay now – hurrah. Using my use-or-lose PTO and I have been off work x 6 days now. This time has completely validated that I am much happier when I do not work!

One would think I have something to show for the time off – tasks accomplished etc. Nope. The man took some of the time off too so we were doing things together. We debated going north to Montana to try and catch the Aurora Borealis but we didn’t. That was a bust anyhow because they didn’t show up as predicted regardless. Our highlight was a liquor run outside the state line and that was a bust too because the prices were the same! Definitely should have headed to Nevada but the state line is too far for a day trip. Friggin’ pandemic is seriously dampering our travel adventures

I finally pulled out the box where I have my great-grandmother’s diaries and the letters my grandfather wrote my grandmother in World War 2. I have been meaning to transcribe them for years so no time like the present. I started with the diaries of which there are 25 (minus 2). They are numbered and started out as a rad trip tracker and bloomed into a diary. She was age 61 when she started them.

I cannot explain the magic of reading your long lost grandmother’s thoughts. She died before I was one year old so I never knew her. Reading the diaries I feel a kindred spirit. It has sparked a desire to learn my family history, gather pictures, and better understand my heritage. Here is a pict of her a few years before the time of the diaries, 1949. I think this picture was when my dad was about 2, so maybe taken 1944. That’s my Grandmother holding him. I miss her terribly. She was beautiful inside and out and my daughter looks so much like her 💕

So here I am drinking my favorite wine each night, reading and typing up her diaries, randomly laughing out loud. She is pretty funny! The way she writes is likely how she spoke. Very different from how we speak now. I absolutely love being able to have the opportunity to do this and have been sharing with all of her offspring.

One would think I would be inspired to write in my own diary more. Somehow I do not have the time, but I do! No idea where time goes. Mostly wasted on the internet and reading mindless crap on Facebook or other media. I think of things I want to write about, random thoughts in my head. It is therapeutic to get thoughts out and a bit thrown away so they do not circle round and round. In a way, writing here is like telling them and tossing them out into space….

It is my last day of Vacay: Christmas shopping is done after I run to the grocery store today for a gift card, only a few more batches of toffee to go and back to work I go tomorrow…. I guess I should go and do some of those To-Do’s on my list after all.

Cheers! 🍷