Social Media and Fake News

I cannot decide when it was exactly that the media started reporting news like the National Enquirer but over time it has progressed to most of our news being sensationalized. I feel the reason for this change is simply so people click on their sites so they get paid. Newspapers are a thing of the past – and who watches regular TV anymore? I believe news is also sensationalized by people’s perceptions – which is utterly fascinating in itself. How some people apply logic and reason is beyond me – clearly emotions and stress play a role.

Social media (primarily facebook) is a an outlet for one to voice their opinions and oh look at them go with the President saying something about ingesting disinfectant. The uneducated and the pouncers are having a ball with it. I decided to watch the clip myself and seriously people – he was trying to provide information and reassurance. He isn’t a scientist, nor a doctor. He does not have the medical knowledge foundation to understand medical terminology. What he was saying was what health professionals have been giving him reports on, what is being done to try and solve the problem

I don’t want to leave negative comments on facebook but do want say something to set people straight. What a ridiculous witch hunt people are doing to point fingers and blame. Anyhow, DD is where I can say safely my 2 cents, get it off my chest, and leave it at that:

To the people who have fallen prey to sensationalized media:

Get over your impulse reaction about ingesting disinfectant and take a moment to get real. Go and watch the entire clip to understand the context. Have some respect that the President of the United States would not advise people to drink anything that would kill them (disinfectants like bleach or lysol). I am deeply concerned about your ability to apply reason and logic.

This man is doing everything he can to support our nation and of course he isn’t pulling information out of his ass. What I respect about him is how he consults with leaders of the healthcare industry for information and support. He asks questions, applies reason based on the facts he is informed of from these experts and then makes a decision. He doesn’t have their education to verbalize clearly what he is being told (ie saying disinfectant instead of medication) or to know what questions to ask, but he does have the brains to digest the information to weigh benefits vs risks and make decisions – which clearly, are reaching for the greater good of the people and our country overall. He is a talker, yes, but that is how he thinks. He was ‘supposing’ and trying to seek solutions. Are you saying you have never asked questions when you didn’t understand or muse out loud when trying to find an answer, explain something, or offer support? By the way, the part missing was what he said right after: ‘you are going to have to use medical doctors’ and he was obviously looking to one of his experts for validation as he was trying to put into words what he was being told was being worked on.

And if I had a smart ass reporter trying to push my buttons in public I would tell him to shut the hell up too. Hats off to the President for doing so. I love how he doesn’t waste time with the BS. Thank you Mr President for being real and not caving in to being a fake politician.

Seriously people get over it. You are only showing your ignorance when you spout out in response to sensationalized news. And look at you supporting them by clicking on and spreading their articles and helping them make more money. Way to encourage and support fake sensationalized media so it keeps snowballing forward, making it even more difficult for the average American to understand WTH is going on. You little post about drinking lysol? It scared the elderly, confused the children and the simple, and gave the unstable something to grab and scream about. Good job.

Bless your heart – Go watch the entire press conference

Awwwwwww! that feels AWSOME to get off my chest. And now I can go on about my day 🙂

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  1. “Bless your heart.” Ha!!! Perfect. 🙂 And a good overview of what’s going on out there. Seems like everyone is just playing a game of “Gotcha!” What a waste of time.

    Glad you feel better.

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