Yesterday was our 13 year wedding anniversary – 13 YEARS! oh wow has time flown by. So here we are in the middle of a pandemic, no anniversary trip to go on, stay at home orders. What to do. Seriously I had to weigh if going to get him a card was worth the risk. Nope.

I made a handmade care and listed 13 reasons why I love him 💕 One-upped him for sure because he got me……. nothing except him! Actually he gave me a box on chocolates two days prior which was a wee bit mean. I have worked hard to lose weight the last few months (15# woot woot) so I am allowing only one chocolate a night – OK maybe two. He also wrote me an awesome poem for our Day We Met anniversary (15 years ago!) and no card from me then so in retrospect he one upped me.

His Poem:

Growing up I couldn’t predict what 2020 would look like

I certainly didn’t expect it to look like this

Hanging out in our house in Utah, our robot vacuums the floor

I take off my virtual reality headset to see you sewing masks for a global pandemic

Opening up my computer to see the world shut down as we cancel our trip to Australia

But I see the world isn’t shut down at all, because my world is right here sewing

OMGsh!!! 😭😭😭 I bawled. I love his poems so. We had an amazing trip to Australia and Fiji planned, our most expensive trip to date. Sydney with tickets to Anna Karinina at the opera house, Diving at the great barrier reef from Fort Douglas, snorkeling and visiting villages in Fiji…..Hence the weight loss. Seriously I had to look half way decent in the swimsuit in order to have any fun. I hate feeling fat. Still fat though… bah – Just not as fat

We online ordered steaks from ‘clicklist’ and a couple sweet potatoes. Opened a good bottle of wine from our Napa trip last year. The steak was… awful. Certainly not one we would have picked. They substituted it with a different kind because what we chose was out. Ordering online has its perks and drags for sure. They have young kids gathering the orders and they don’t apply shopping logic well. For example I ordered celery and they said it was out, no substitutes. When we got there and they told us I said ‘Really? No celery in your store at all?’ well yes we have regular celery……. OK, I will take it! IDK – I guess there are some that may super matter to. I am just trying to eat healthy but not organic is fine. I just wish they would ask. There are a lot of items that are hard to get. Yeast, flour, beans – those I understand but what is up with the onion powder shortage? Just random odd things. Makes me wonder if it is really there but the curiosity won’t kill this cat. Not going in and around people unless I have to. No thank you.

The last time I went out – early March-ish – was to the post office. I kept my 6 feet away but the person who came in behind me was only 3 feet from me. Background: I am a germ freak and like my space thank you very much. Then the person mutters to herself in a hoarse gravelly voice ‘oh yeah – I am supposed to be six feet away from others’. She looks at me and says ‘ I just got tested and they tell me I am probably negative so I am ok but we have to wait for the results’.







I needed to pick up my package but wanted to just bag it and leave. I also wanted hold out my arm and to say to her commandingly ‘Back up lady!’ But I didn’t. I was cooperative member of society and behaved although I was intermittently freaking the hell out inside. Instead I turned away and ignored her. Then to add to it the person in front of me decided to chit chat with someone who was leaving and wouldn’t move up in line as it went forward. This is turn added to my anxiety and wanted to say ‘Excuse me – are you still in line?’ Or I could just walk right on past her and call it that she gave up her spot. But I didn’t. I stood there trapped in a line between two lovelies. Yep. And that is the last time I went out in public.

Anyway, despite the bumpy pandemic cancelled trip start, I am hopeful year 13 will be filled with joy. I do so love my Mr T. He is the perfect match for me. I sincerely would be lost without him and have certainly come to appreciate the value of my time with him each day. I think the pandemic has raised an awareness for all of us to treasure each other and life itself. We tend to take our lives for granted, but here we are wondering how we can ever be the same again