Reading old entries today. WOW. I have come a long ways.

I can honestly say that being a step-parent was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I was far from perfect at it, in fact, I was a complete failure on many levels. Yet somehow I persevered despite the adversity. Despite the utter darkness. Despite the depression. Despite the heartache.

The only consolation prize I have is increased patience, understanding of others struggles, awareness that life is not always easy and to be grateful for the gifts of the present. I am truly blessed beyond anything I have ever hoped dreamed or wished for. I know I succeeded because – thankfully – Now that the kids are all adults, they still want come together. We have family dinners and vacations and they actually WANT to come 💗 And you know what? When we area together, we are a family. Love grows for step-parents. It takes time. It is hard when we have to love someone, and can be impossible to do when there is no choice in the matter. I think the kids love me in their own way too. They are so good to me. Best part: When they hug me it is real- a REAL MOM hug!

In retrospect I am grateful for this dark time I experienced and the life lesson learned: Love and respect- the secret to developing positive relationships and harmony with those around you. This applies to all aspects of my life such as home, family, work, community. It returns full circle and generates happiness within.

I can honestly say that I love my life and am so happy and blessed beyond anything I ever hoped, dreamed or wished for.

Now if only I can have the patience to figure out how to set up my diary decently……