2 Squares

It’s a glorious day in paradise. Firstly, look at me with time to write in my diary again! Secondly, I have advanced in comfort level to now use 2 squares of toilet paper at a time! 😀 what is luxurious giddy feeling to feel free to use more than one square. Yep, I scored toilet paper on amazon and it arrives on Tuesday (at least I really really hope so). So now I have more on the way and can relax a little. Hell no am I going into a store to buy some right now. Friggin hoarders messed it up for everyone.
When the pandemic first started, I would not have guessed that toilet paper was a luxury item. Here I am taking it for granted, grabbing handfuls to do my thing without a care in the world. Silly me was SO proud of myself when I would use only one paper towel in public restrooms – doing my part to save the world you know. I wasn’t paying attention to what other paper products that I have been mindlessly wasting:
Lysol wipes – why did I start using them to clean with? I began to use an old rag and was sincerely surprised how much better it cleaned.
paper napkins- really? I have at least 2 dozen cloth ones that I use for dinner parties. I pulled out the older ones and we are using them just fine

wet wipe mops- well I still have a bunch of them but what a waste. I have a regular cloth mop and plan to use it
papertowels- I used handfuls a day. A piece to cover thawing chicken, another to wipe a spill, my go to for most everything because it is right on the counter. Well, now I still have the same roll there x 2 months. Serious I can use a sponge just as easy or put the chicken in the microwave

there are 3 paper items that I truly do not want to live without:

1- papertowels- a gotta have for cat puke -seriously

2 Kleenex- I momentarily thought about buying handkerchiefs. Umm no thanks

3 toilet paper – hence the happy day that I shall have enough for at least a month. Just 2 squares a time I suppose… wet wipes we have too. I would just like to know how those hoarders knew to buy a ton of TP like it was gold. Seriously, it never ever crossed my mind this would be a thing

I’m looking forward to doing my diary again and am very thankful I have time now. Kids are grown, bills are easily paid, working from home, I finished a higher degree a few months ago so wow me with spare time now!
I love this phase of my life: the goddess phase of the 50s 💗