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What's In YOUR Rug?

Where was I?

Oh yes, I was in Alaska.


One afternoon I was invited to lunch at a cabin by a lake. We had to get to the cabin by boat because the road doesn't seem to connect all the way around said lake. It was a nice ride. I love being on the water.

Here is what it looked like from the shore:

[album 65561 Alaska Lake.JPG]

It was a cloudy day, and a few drops of rain fell, but it was not cold. And when the sun shone through the clouds it was extraordinarily intense. The light has a certain quality there. I suppose that should not be a surprise, the atmosphere is thinner and the angle of the sun unfamiliar. It gave everything a certain surreal feeling. No wonder I was bemused.

While lunch was cooking (oh what a lunch!), I took a little stroll down this path:

[album 65561 Alaska Birch.JPG]

As I came up to the tree on the left, I noticed something on the ground beneath it. At first glance it looked like acorns. I looked up at the tree. No, that's a Birch tree, not an oak. And if they are acorns, where are their little caps? No caps at all. That's odd. I bent down and picked up a handful.

I took them to our host and he confirmed my suspicion.

[album 65561 Alaska Berries.JPG]

Moose poop.


He said they were very good fertilizer. I took the picture, just for you!  And went in to wash my hands before lunch.

Then I was introduced to the finer points of dominoes. We had 6 players so it was quite the game. I enjoyed learning how to play. Now that I think of it, I don't know the name of the game we played, though it did involve a little side diversion called a 'train'. Some of you probably know all about it. It was my first dominoes game. I liked it.

Thank you C and R for a lovely afternoon!

More Alaska later....

On the home front, I have known for some time that our vacuum cleaner was getting ready for retirement. It was just plain tired of the whole 'suck' thing. So I hied myself off to Wal-Mart and bought a new one today. I got one that doesn't take bags. I'm tired of buying vacuum cleaner bags.  I ran it over the living room and one bedroom. Only thing is, now I had to actually LOOK at what came out of the container.

This is what I got....

Brace yourself.

It's shocking.

[album 65561 GoofyHen2.JPG]

Oh, you are so overly dramatic sometimes!


[album 65561 Shocker One.JPG]



I TOLD you it was shocking.

Sunny has a shedding problem.

And I now have the tool to deal with it.

(Well, at least there was no Moose poop in the rug. That's a comfort.)

Thank goodness for small favors.

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