Morecambe Sands

The worst joke on the net

I clicked link to "the worst joke on the internet" and imagine my surprise to find that it related to a lady that originated from Morecambe. It's quite fitting really that she should be the butt of ther worst joke in the world as she allienated a lot of Morecambrians by slagging them off on a television programme a bit ago. I quote, the worst joke on the internet here...
The worst joke in existence…….
A farmer woke up one morning to discover that there'd been a sudden cold spell. He ran out to check his prize cows and to his utmost horror he saw them all in the field, frozen. There were cows eating, cows sleeping, all in exactly the same position as they had been the night before. Distraught that he'd lost all his cows and his livelihood, he ran to see his prize bull, only to find that he too was frozen solid. Just as he was about to cry, he saw a little old lady coming through the field, walking up to each cow in turn. As she put her hands on each cow, it suddenly came back to life. The farmer couldn't believe his eyes, but sure enough, one by one, the cows started walking around again! As she approached, the farmer said, "That is truly a miracle - you've saved my cows and my livelihood. How on earth can I repay you?" "No need," said the little lady, "It's my job". The farmer looked bemused and asked, "Why's that then?" The little lady replied, "I'm Thora Hird".

This is a pic of Thora

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