Diary of a Kiwi Bookcrosser


Unbelievably, it's suddenly the first of April, and the day I go to America. In just a few hours I'll go to the airport to fly to Auckland, where I've got a couple of hours' wait before I fly for another 12 hours to San Francisco, and then it'll *still* be the morning of the first of April! (I love time travel ;-))

Totally packed (and managed to squeeze in a couple (ok, six) of extra books this morning - I can still lift my suitcase so I reckon it's still safely under 20kg), bag is sitting by the door ready to go.

(Just got a message from Skyring - they're at Canberra airport!)

I probably won't have time to post much along the way, but I'll be keeping a handwritten journal which I'll type up when I get home.


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