Getting To Know Jesus

    I have known Jesus for a long time now. I have gotten to know Jesus more in the past four years. 

I’ve mentioned that I had a kidney transplant thirty-two years ago. Thanks to my donor, who is my mother, who is now seventy-six years young/old. Thanks to outstanding doctors, I had learned about Glomerulonephritis in 2016. I realized how blessed I have been with the kidney lasting as long as it did before finding out that I was losing the kidney. I’ve learned that kidney transplants do not last more than twenty years. 

I praised God for the doctors, the nurses, friends, and family, and my belief in God began to grow stronger. In 2016, I did not know that I would have another three years with the kidney before having to start dialysis in April 2019. I chose to do hemodialysis this time, when I had done peritoneal dialysis in November 1987 – March 12, 1988. 

I was able to have my transplanted kidney for 31 years before starting dialysis again. The past four years of getting to know Jesus has had its ups and downs, and yet I love Jesus despite the downs I have had. With my downtime, which is usually an emotional breakdown of some kind, I understand what and why my nervous breakdown happened, then I come back to Jesus ready to learn how to be a better person.

           Getting to know Jesus today is a job I have to work on every day of my life. He was a man on earth in his time who worshipped his heavenly Father as we all should. God does exist, or we wouldn’t live ourselves. God created this world for man and woman to have dominion over the animals of the seas, air, and ground, and because of sinning, we are now born into sin, to become followers of God in the church we choose. For the past twenty-one years, I have been a Seventh-day Adventist by choice. No one forced me to believe that the Seventh-day Adventism is the right church. 

It says so in the Bible, what the seventh day is. In Gen 2:2, the seventh day shows that God rested from creating the world and things in the world. Hebrews 4:4 states that what God spoke was created, and he took the seventh day to rest after he saw what he had created. Lastly, in Exodus, 16:26 states that the Israelites are to gather manna for six days, but on the seventh day, the Sabbath, there not be any manna to collect. 

I have always known that Sunday starts the week as day 1, while Saturday marks day seven. When Jesus was crucified on the cross for my sins, everyone’s sins. Because he rose from the grave on the third day, Sunday, he has given me the understanding that he will raise all in their graves when he comes back to bring his children – brothers and sisters – home. No one except Jesus and his angels is in heaven. Your dead loved ones are not in heaven, and I am not bluntly saying this to be mean. It says in the Bible. Read John 11:1-57. It may be a lot of reading, but it does explain the state of the death of Lazarus and what Jesus did by bringing Lazarus back from the dead because he was showing others that God is real and can heal people in all ways He wishes. The state of the deceased can be found in several verses in the Bible. If God can raise the dead from their graves, I know I hope eternal life. 

That is how I got to know Jesus in the past four years. He is my friend when times are tough, good, and doing great.